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Puppy Finding Service

We are frequently asked for advice on buying a puppy, and we are always happy to help!  We can limit our involvement to breed advice based on lifestyle and circumstances, or undertake the whole exercise from locating a suitable, reputable, breeder, pedigree checks and the right puppy for you.  This is very much a ‘bespoke’ service and can be adapted to suit each individual and family. 

We do not receive any payment from the breeder or owner of any puppy; our service is designed purely for the prospective owner of the new puppy. 


As a member of the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme, Phillipa Simpson will ensure that any puppy we locate comes from a breeder/home that adheres to the requirements recommended for the Kennel Club scheme regardless of whether the puppies are pedigree or cross-breeds. 


Only puppies that can be proven to be from breeders of the highest standard regarding welfare will be considered.  

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