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Friendly, Reward-Based Outdoor Puppy & Dog Training


Wealden Dog Training can help every step of the way - as much or as little as you need...


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From breed selection, based on your needs & circumstances, to selecting a puppy, and then caring & training your puppy, to training older dogs. 

We use kind, reward-based training using methods to promote a positive relationship between you and your dog.  

Results show that a puppy that is encouraged to develop good, confident behaviour from a young age, and is positively trained and rewarded well into adulthood, will give many years of happy companionship for families and owners. 

We hold small training groups on private, fenced, land based in Sandhurst, Kent.

Phillipa Simpson and Juliet Atherton launched Wealden Dog Training in response to the requests of local families and boarding clients for help training with puppies, older dogs and working gun dogs.  We train with a background knowledge of gun dogs and apply common sense methods to all types and breeds, that owners can then apply easily to their dogs.  We concentrate on puppy and gun dog training for family dogs using the basic premise that structured, consistent, training from an early age with positive, reward-based methods, will result in happy dogs and happy owners.  

Between them, Phillipa and Juliet have over 30 years’ experience of boarding dogs, working gun dogs, and puppy and gun dog training and breeding.  

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