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Puppy Group - The Good Puppy Award

We run group training for a maximum of eight puppies and their owners from four months to approximately 12 months. 

All training is positive and reward-based, held outdoors on fenced land. Training young puppies outdoors can sometimes become weather restricted, which is why we start at around three months old. Younger, vaccinated puppies may join depending on the weather and may be encouraged to come for a shorter period than the usual hour.

Outdoor classes allow us flexibility with training in a more natural environment and encourages an easier transfer of training practices into the normal day-to-day life of the puppy and owner.


The puppy course is suitable for most breeds and covers:

  • handling 

  • loose lead walking

  • recall

  • sit and stay

  • down

  • basic health, and 

  • welfare issues

A puppy that happily learns not to pull on a lead is happy and well-adjusted and will be a joy to their family for many years


The Good Puppy Award will begin the basic training of your puppy and is covered in approximately six weeks. Once your puppy has 'passed' each stage of the course you will be awarded a rosette and be ready to move onto the next course the Intermediate Puppy Award 


We appreciate that most people come to puppy classes with these aims in mind and we do our absolute best to help owners achieve them.  We are not here to train your puppy for you, but to help you train your puppy.  The training sessions will encourage good practices that you can continue at home and whilst out and about with your puppy.



"Phillipa has held my hand with advice, guidance and training Tinker from 8 weeks onwards.  Her help is invaluable and I would recommend her without hesitation.  She has an amazing knowledge of dog behaviour, is patient and very intuitive with her training technique.  Tinker loves every session with her, and so do I!" 

- Sophie Taylor-Young

"Phillipa's exceptional understanding of puppies leads straight to the heart of training youngsters that grow up to be dogs that are a pleasure to be with in any situation. Her clear instructions make it easy to practice at home and she is quick to untangle any problems that you and your puppy may have."  

- Sarah Hues

 "First met Phillipa when my puppy was about 10 weeks old.  I was in the 'what have I done!' phase of puppy ownership slightly overwhelmed with house training and trying to work at the same time.  Phillipa came and did a home visit and imparted some fantastic advice regarding crate training, initial puppy training games and diet which I rolled out straight away and I have to say it revolutionised my life.  I have found puppy ownership much like having a baby.  Books are useful to a point but all give conflicting advice.  As a person new to dog ownership Phillipa was great at fielding questions and giving me the guidance I needed.  Since then I have been on her puppy training classes which have been helpful to manage my very strong pup and I have used her boarding facility.  Pets quickly become part of the family so it's reassuring to know that our latest addition is with someone who will look after him like we would.  He is always super excited to see Phillipa so I think that is his approval!"

- Sarah Brain

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