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Intermediate Group - Intermediate Puppy Award

A natural continuation from the puppy training group, with puppies from around five months upwards. 

We continue with basic training:


  • Lead work

  • Handling and good manners

  • Down and Stand

  • Sit and Stay (distance work)

  • Recall from a distance

  • Retrieve

  • Socialising under control

  • Road walk and traffic manners

  • Managing training issues

  • Welfare and care

The aim of the Intermediate Puppy Award is to continue to establish good training and behavior in the older puppy.  As your puppy develops and has the ability to concentrate for longer we can extend basic training with the aim to have a puppy and handler who can confidently walk with the puppy to heel on lead, reliably ask for and hold the basic puppy positions and have a reliable recall from a good distance. The classes remain 'fun' and encourage owners and puppies to enjoy each others company. The course results in an externally assessed 'test' where puppies will receive a rosette once they have achieved the required standard.

All groups are kept to around 6 puppies to avoid too much sitting around for the dogs.  It also gives us the opportunity to adapt each lesson to the needs of the dogs and owners.  Outdoor training, as opposed to indoor (village hall type) training, benefits the puppies by having a more natural environment and an easier transfer of training exercises into day to day life.



I started bringing my puppy to Phillipa and Juliet when he was about 14 weeks old.  He has now been coming for over a year moving from the puppy training to intermediate training.

The advice has been second to none, no problem has been too great and is handled with practical knowledge and experience.  It really felt that I had somebody holding my hand during those first few nervous weeks of having a puppy through to teenager dog.  Hovis is growing into a lovely, well mannered little Norfolk terrirer.

- Lucinda de Winton

As a first time dog owner, I found the whole process of owning an energetic and rather mischievous flat coat retriever puppy a daunting experience but Phillipa's knowledge and patience has given me a huge amount of confidence and equipped me with the right skills to deal with every problem or issue. The weekly training classes with Juliet and Phillipa are hugely informative and also great fun - it's definitely a highlight of Edgar's week, he loves it!  In the nine months we've been training, Edgar and I have learnt and improved so much and it's really helped our bonding process too. I can't recommend them highly enough - I only wish we had found them sooner!

- Emma Lycett

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