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Puppy Home Visits

Your puppy training begins the minute your new puppy leaves the safety and security of its breeder’s home. 

Our puppy home visits are to encourage the immediate start of good practices for desirable behaviour, training, and socialising your puppy.

We can give advice before you bring your puppy home, including:

  • preparing for your puppy’s arrival,

  • introducing the puppy to your family and other animals,

  • effective use of dog crates,

  • dog bedding & other equipment,

  • diet and food choices, 

  • home & garden security & travelling, &

  • vet checks & vaccinations.

The visit normally takes place a few days after your puppy’s arrival.  Lasting about one and half hours, we cover all areas of puppy care leaving you with a good routine to follow to ensure your puppy settles in well and happily.  In that time, we can guide you on how to achieve a house trained, settled, puppy.  Advice to help avoid situations such as separation anxiety, feeding problems, whining & barking, destructive behaviour, jumping up, and more!  With a little encouragement these potential problems can all be avoided in a happy puppy. 


We can also provide an “on call” service and will be available to give advice and help.

Reading list 


"I first met Phillipa when my puppy was about 10 weeks old.  I was in the 'what have I done!' phase of puppy ownership slightly overwhelmed with house training and trying to work at the same time.  Phillipa came and did a home visit and imparted some fantastic advice regarding crate training, initial puppy training games and diet which I rolled out straight away and I have to say it revolutionised my life.  I have found puppy ownership much like having a baby.  Books are useful to a point but all give conflicting advice.  As a person new to dog ownership Phillipa was great at fielding questions and giving me the guidance I needed.  Since then I have been on her puppy training classes which have been helpful to manage my very strong pup and I have used her boarding facility.  Pets quickly become part of the family so it's reassuring to know that our latest addition is with someone who will look after him like we would.  He is always super excited to see Phillipa so I think that is his approval!"

"I first met Phillipa & Juliet when they came and visited Pebbles and me at home when Pebbles was just 8 weeks old.  They were very reassuring and easy to chat to which made me feel I could ask the most silly of questions.  We then started puppy training classes at 12 weeks and have been doing them for 3 months.  They make the classes really fun for both the owners and the dogs and Pebbles is coming on leaps and bounds (as am I, I suppose!).  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone."

- Sally Littlestone

- Sarah Brain

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