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Advanced Puppy/Young Dog Group – Advanced Award

The aim of the Advanced Award is to build on the skills learnt in the Intermediate Award and also for continued training for older puppies or young dogs who join Wealden Dog Training.  This is a reasonably demanding level of companion dog training and will include effective distance control and off lead work in groups.


Training continues to be reward based, positive training and will include:

  • Off-lead heel walking

  • Group sit and wait

  • Distance control – “emergency stop”

  • Effective recall away from other dogs and distractions

  • Send to “bed” and wait out of sight

  • Continue with house manners, socialising etc

  • Problem solving

  • Care and welfare and first aid

  • Retrieving and steadiness

The Advanced Award is tested by an external examiner and requires a very good level of handler/dog control and a good understanding of care and welfare.  We continue to make training fun and enjoyable for both dog and handler and will often include country walks in groups, beach walks, water retrieving etc, to encourage owners to really have fun with their dog.  All dogs require mental stimulation as well as exercise; training can be a wonderful tool to produce happy, well-adjusted companion pets.


The Advanced Group does have an element of gundog training which is relevant to all breeds. We organise groups to take into account those who wish to have more or less emphasis on the gundog element and the training will be either 60 minutes or 90 minutes depending on the training emphasis. Many of our clients go onto gundog training having discovered how much fun their dog has once introduced to the joys of gundog training!  We are lucky to have extensive open land and woodland to train over.



I started bringing my puppy to Phillipa and Juliet when he was about 14 weeks old.  He has now been coming for over a year moving from the puppy training to intermediate training.

The advice has been second to none, no problem has been too great and is handled with practical knowledge and experience.  It really felt that I had somebody holding my hand during those first few nervous weeks of having a puppy through to teenager dog.  Hovis is growing into a lovely, well mannered little Norfolk terrirer.

As a first time dog owner, I found the whole process of owning an energetic and rather mischievous flat coat retriever puppy a daunting experience but Phillipa's knowledge and patience has given me a huge amount of confidence and equipped me with the right skills to deal with every problem or issue. The weekly training classes with Juliet and Phillipa are hugely informative and also great fun - it's definitely a highlight of Edgar's week, he loves it!  In the nine months we've been training, Edgar and I have learnt and improved so much and it's really helped our bonding process too. I can't recommend them highly enough - I only wish we had found them sooner!

- Lucinda de Winton

- Emma Lycett

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