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­­Gun Dog Training­

Gun dog training for many of the working type breeds is an ideal way to expend your young dog’s energy and utilise their brain. 


Training your Labrador or spaniel using gun dog methods does not necessarily mean you intend to start beating or picking up at your local shoot!  Of course, should you wish to train your dog to work, we are only too happy to help.  We both work on local shoots and are always thrilled to encourage people to enjoy the benefits of the shooting world. 

However, many people with ‘gun dogs’ are happiest training them without the intention of actually going out on a shoot.

Finding out what your dog can do is a start! 


­­Basic gun dog training is beneficial to many types of breed, and cross-breeds: we have a cocker-poo amongst our best retrievers and a terrier who loves a water retrieve!  Don’t underestimate your dog!

We offer group gun dog training (small groups) or one-to-one training.  

We have contacts with other gun dog trainers and groups for more specialised and advanced gun dog training, training days on a shoot, or for those that wish to get involved with working tests or field trial tests. 



"Before training with Juliet, Kevin would not have managed this retrieve... a seen retrieve behind a big obstacle, whilst a blind launcher across a ditch into cover. He would have instantly ditched the obstacle retrieve and come back mad as a hatter after the shot.

Just thankful for all the directionLooking forward to putting it into action this season"

-MB and K

"Phillipa has been part of my GSP, Bella's, life since she (Bella not Phillipa) was 6 months old.  I have worked with her on Gundog training on a 121 basis and in small groups.  Phillipa is patient, very knowledgeable and has a great connection with the dogs."

- John Evans

"Phillipa has also played a huge part in training our working cocker spaniel Pepper to become a working gun dog. The training has been simple, relaxed, fun for both Pepper and I but above all very effective. Pepper is now beautifully trained and only needs me to find some time to go and put her to the test more often! 
I could not recommend Phillipa Simpson more highly"

- Marie Bottle

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